After years of talking about wanting to move out, Michael and I will be doing so very shortly!  None of this is news to anyone on my Facebook page, but thought I'd put something about it on here anyway.

After months of saving, we reached our target figure of £5000, so made an appointment at the bank to find out whether we had a hope in hell of getting a mortgage.  Turns out we did, because about four days later, we had a phone call telling us we'd been approved!  So we set about house hunting.  We saw quite a few houses, and to be honest, only one or two were awful, so it was looking like it was going to be difficult to pick.  But as many people had told us would happen, when we found "the one", we knew, so we made an offer and here we are.  We've had a survey done, found a solicitor and everything, now we're just waiting.  But fingers crossed, we should be in our house around October.

So far, we've bought a fridge freezer, washer dryer, sofa, microwave, table and chairs and countless other "bits".  My mum and dad's garage is getting pretty full!

I just want to get in there!
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She eventually accepted.  I've been messaging her over the weekend.  It's very weird, but it feels good to be back in contact.  I've not seen her since I was about 4, so there's a lot of catching up to do!
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Her name was Rose...

Two weeks later...

She's not accepted.  I looked on her profile and it still says pending, but she's also had activity since then.  I guess that's a no then, silence speaks volumes and all that.
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I AM Magenta!


In case anyone's interested, I added Adele. Just waiting to see if she accepts. Not really sure if she will, will have to wait and see. Saw a picture of her mum on her facebook. Kinda weird seeing my dad's ex-wife. I see my mum's ex-husband, Jane and Carol's dad fairly often, but don't think I've ever seen Adele's mum before. She's got another sister, too. Very strange feeling, all of this.

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Oh my god


Well that was unexpected... A long while ago, I posted an entry talking about finding my sister. Well, we've found her. Well, my dad has. He decided to try looking for her with her stepdad's name. I've always looked for Jackson, but turns out she doesn't go by that name anyway.

My dad doesn't want to get in touch, he got the hint when she disappeared without giving him her new address. But I'm not sure now. Is it ok to just add someone on facebook. "Hi, remember me? I'm your baby sister that you've not seen for 21 years".

If anyone's interested (or reading), this is her.
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Some insects


I'm seeing the Backstreet Boys tonight, and I'm ridiculously excited.  I saw the 10 years ago, and I completely lost my voice the next day.  Hopefully that won't happen this time.

I'm 14 again :-D
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Abbie Jack and Charlie


It's very nice to finally get some decent money!  On Wednesday, I'll be getting about £500 more than I did last month.  Though, that's partly coz there's a month's backpay as well.  But it's still a pretty nice jump!

Still pretty gutted about the crappy backpay though.  I mean, it's better than a kick in the teeth and all that, but I've been doing this job since April, and if they'd paid us back to then, I'd have easily enough to get another holiday next year.  Could have probably gone all inclusive for two weeks to somewhere decent, would have been in the region for £2000, after tax.  Instead it was less than £400.  Ah well, it's paying for my car tax and a nice new helmet, now Michael's got his bike.  Might even splash out on a bike jacket.

I need to get over my excitement for Twilight.  I decided on the second tshirt, but typically, they stopped selling it.  Luckily, my lovely boyfriend is re-creating it for me so I can get it made myself :-D

Ooh, I'm re-joining a gym on Wednesday.  Well, I went and joined last week.  I have my induction on Wednesday.  I'm far too excited about it.  I was looking through some old photos yesterday, and it was slightly depressing, and I think that's given me the motivation I need.  Hopefully.  Should print the pictures out and stick them up around my room.  Heh.