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Clairey Fairy

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Part Three [22 Sep 2010|09:41pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

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5000 Questions pt 2 [12 Sep 2010|02:24pm]
[ mood | content ]

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5000 Questions [09 Sep 2010|02:59pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I saw a mention of this 5000 question survey on Facebook, and thought I might give it a go (or at least some of it a go, until I get bored).  So here are the first 100 questions.

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Houses [08 Sep 2010|01:29am]
[ mood | impatient ]

After years of talking about wanting to move out, Michael and I will be doing so very shortly!  None of this is news to anyone on my Facebook page, but thought I'd put something about it on here anyway.

After months of saving, we reached our target figure of £5000, so made an appointment at the bank to find out whether we had a hope in hell of getting a mortgage.  Turns out we did, because about four days later, we had a phone call telling us we'd been approved!  So we set about house hunting.  We saw quite a few houses, and to be honest, only one or two were awful, so it was looking like it was going to be difficult to pick.  But as many people had told us would happen, when we found "the one", we knew, so we made an offer and here we are.  We've had a survey done, found a solicitor and everything, now we're just waiting.  But fingers crossed, we should be in our house around October.

So far, we've bought a fridge freezer, washer dryer, sofa, microwave, table and chairs and countless other "bits".  My mum and dad's garage is getting pretty full!

I just want to get in there!

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Well... [17 Jan 2010|07:28pm]
[ mood | happy ]

She eventually accepted.  I've been messaging her over the weekend.  It's very weird, but it feels good to be back in contact.  I've not seen her since I was about 4, so there's a lot of catching up to do!

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Two weeks later... [24 Dec 2009|04:33pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

She's not accepted.  I looked on her profile and it still says pending, but she's also had activity since then.  I guess that's a no then, silence speaks volumes and all that.

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Contined... [14 Dec 2009|12:42am]

In case anyone's interested, I added Adele. Just waiting to see if she accepts. Not really sure if she will, will have to wait and see. Saw a picture of her mum on her facebook. Kinda weird seeing my dad's ex-wife. I see my mum's ex-husband, Jane and Carol's dad fairly often, but don't think I've ever seen Adele's mum before. She's got another sister, too. Very strange feeling, all of this.

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Wow... [12 Dec 2009|12:14pm]
Well that was unexpected... A long while ago, I posted an entry talking about finding my sister. Well, we've found her. Well, my dad has. He decided to try looking for her with her stepdad's name. I've always looked for Jackson, but turns out she doesn't go by that name anyway.

My dad doesn't want to get in touch, he got the hint when she disappeared without giving him her new address. But I'm not sure now. Is it ok to just add someone on facebook. "Hi, remember me? I'm your baby sister that you've not seen for 21 years".

If anyone's interested (or reading), this is her.
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:-D [09 Nov 2009|11:57am]
I'm seeing the Backstreet Boys tonight, and I'm ridiculously excited.  I saw the 10 years ago, and I completely lost my voice the next day.  Hopefully that won't happen this time.

I'm 14 again :-D
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Wooop [26 Oct 2009|08:14pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

It's very nice to finally get some decent money!  On Wednesday, I'll be getting about £500 more than I did last month.  Though, that's partly coz there's a month's backpay as well.  But it's still a pretty nice jump!

Still pretty gutted about the crappy backpay though.  I mean, it's better than a kick in the teeth and all that, but I've been doing this job since April, and if they'd paid us back to then, I'd have easily enough to get another holiday next year.  Could have probably gone all inclusive for two weeks to somewhere decent, would have been in the region for £2000, after tax.  Instead it was less than £400.  Ah well, it's paying for my car tax and a nice new helmet, now Michael's got his bike.  Might even splash out on a bike jacket.

I need to get over my excitement for Twilight.  I decided on the second tshirt, but typically, they stopped selling it.  Luckily, my lovely boyfriend is re-creating it for me so I can get it made myself :-D

Ooh, I'm re-joining a gym on Wednesday.  Well, I went and joined last week.  I have my induction on Wednesday.  I'm far too excited about it.  I was looking through some old photos yesterday, and it was slightly depressing, and I think that's given me the motivation I need.  Hopefully.  Should print the pictures out and stick them up around my room.  Heh.

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Where were we? [20 Oct 2009|10:08pm]
Ah yes, we were in June.

Well, my photo did indeed make it onto Something For The Weekend.  As seen here:

Yeah, here...Collapse )
Yes, that was my 15 seconds of fame.

I finally got my permanent contract in work.  In fact, I get my first increased pay this month, which I'm way too excited about.  Actually, I'm not going to call it "too" excited.  I've been earning way less than my job was worth for six months now, I deserve to be bloody excited!  We were hoping for six months back pay as well, but we're being given the slightly more modest one.  Still, better than a kick in the teeth!  Things are starting to get a bit more varied now as well.  Though, after me saying I was looking forward to that, I'm now wishing I could just carry on as I have been.  There's a lot to be said for feeling confident in what you're doing.  After six months of fine tuning our system and things, having to change and start doing something else that other people have been fine tuning for six months isn't my idea of fun.  I'm sure I'll get into it, but for now I'm just wishing I could go back to my testing.

I'm looking into doing my testing qualifications.  They won't be a whole lot of use at HRG, but if for whatever reason I were to move on somewhere else, I'd probably look serious into a proper testing position, and the qualifications can be a major advantage (apparently some places won't take testers on if they don't have the qualifcations).

Oooh, I have my own car now!  His name's Jorge and he's pretty :-D
Isn't he?Collapse )

He's got a bit rattly lately though, he needs looking at.  But I do love him.  And he has the best sticker in his back window.
See?Collapse )

Something's happened to me in recent months where I've become a ridiculous geek.  Yes, I read the Twilight books.  They're amazing!  I booked tickets for me and Siannie to go see New Moon on 20th November.  In fact, anyone left on here who actually sees this post could help me out with a decision.  I can't decide which of these tshirts to get.  I want something geeky but not "in your face Twilight", if that makes sense.


So what do you think?  A, B, C or D?

I'm hopefully re-joining the gym next week.  I have an appointment to go and have a look at the women's only gym in town.  I'm really not arsed about whether there are blokes there or not, but I like the system they have there.  You go for a half hour session and work your way round a circuit and that's it.  You can go back later in the day or whatever, but the idea is you go often and it's not too daunting or time consuming.  Like, in theory I'll go every day after work and still by home by 6pm.  And they review your programme every 6-8 weeks so hopefully wouldn't be getting too bored.  Fingers crossed.  I do need to get fitter and stuff.

Cyprus was amazing!  I loved being away and having no worries and stuff.  I can't wait for my next holiday.  I was hoping I'd get a bit more back pay, and was planning on using that to try and get away again next year, but I don't think one month's is going to stretch that for!  So back to my original plan, which is to wait three years till my share save ends and then use that.  Should be a decent chunk.  Just got to wait three years!

How dull does my life seem?  I'm thinking I should really try and make more effort to update a bit more regularly.  That way I can talk about the smaller and possibly slightly interesting things that happen in my life.  Rather than trying to throw things in here from the last year or whatever.

Bloody hell, I've just realised it was only 13 entries ago that I announced my baby nephew Charlie's birth.  The little dude's three on Saturday!  Abbie's going to be eight in December, and Jack was six in July.  They're all getting so big!  Someone needs to start making more babies round here.
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Houses [23 Jun 2009|11:06pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I reeeally need to get my own house.  My mum and dad are on holiday (yet again), so me and Michael are playing growed ups, and I really just want this all the time.  Someone needs to give us some pennies so we can get one.  Hehe.  I wish!

Anyway, I'm sure plenty has happened since whenever it was I last updated.  In fact, I'm certain it has.  Pretty much too much for me to remember to write about.

I'll start with work.  My project went live in March, and it went well-ish.  We converted on time and everything, everyone seems to have taken to the new system well.  It's certainly got its fair share of problems, but it's doing alright, it's all manageable these days.  The first day was horrible, it was anything but manageable.  It ended up with me in tears to Michael out in my car while I let other people try and deal with it because it was too much for me to do on my own.  But it calmed down a lot after the first week, and it's all been getting better since then.  I'm now kind of part of what used to be the Sys Admin team in work, but I'm still basically a test analyst.  Which is good, I do enjoy it most of the time.  But I'll be glad when we start splitting up the work a bit more evenly and I get to do other things as well.  But at least until September I think me and Dave, the other tester, as gonna be the only ones doing it.  Probably for a lot longer than that, but in the long run I'm assured it'll happen eventually.  Right now though, I really need a break.  I'm fairly constantly feeling run down, I just need a few days off to relax and catch up on sleep and stuff.  Nearly every time I have a holiday booked, it's coz I've got something to do that involves early wake ups.

Oooh, me and Michael have booked a holiday.  We're going to Paphos in September, all inclusive, all paid for, and I can't bloody wait!  It's been seriously way too long since I went away, so it really can't come soon enough!

In other news, Ian went and bloody got married!  We all headed down to Devon for his stag do (if anyone asks, my name's Dave), where I got suitable battered by paintballing.  That's really not an activity that is well suited to me.  It got better as the day went on, but definitely not something I'm in any hurry to do again.  But despite that, it was an awesome weekeend.  I drove down on my own on the Friday.  I left at midday and got there at 8pm =S  But it wasn't too bad really, I took plenty of breaks and things.  And the traffic itself wasn't too bad, it was all the road works that caused problems.  But when I got there, Ian was already there with his brother and their mate, so we settled into the beer while we waited for Julian and Matt to show up, which was around 10pm.  We had a good old catch up, got good and drunk, played a game of Have You Ever with a lethal bottle of alcohol which only had the description "Finest Canadian Spirit".  The next day was the paintballing, which lead to me nearly fainting from a combination of asthma, heat and smoke bombs, so I sat out the last few games.  And then we headed down the Exmouth beach, which was so beautiful.  Had such a good time.  We eventually got back to camp at about 10.30pm, ready for Matt to get started on a fit Thai green curry, which was ready at the convenient time of midnight.  And of course, he made at least twice as much as we needed, so the camp's dogs had a good feed the next day, much to the bemusement of their owner.  The drive home wasn't too pleasant.  After having very little sleep all weekend due to the freezing cold tents, a 9 hour trip up the M5 wasn't my idea of a good day.  But we did stop at Weston-Super-Mere on the way, which made a nice distraction.

And then two weeks later, he actually got married.  We headed down to Coventry for the wedding, which was really lovely.  Alex and Jamie came up as well, so it was almost all of the old gang back together.  It was a shame Craig didn't make it, but it was still awesome seeing Alex for the first time in years.  Awesome seeing the others too, but I'd seen then in the last few months anyway.  After the wedding, it was everyone back to the hotel for a good old fashioned piss up.  It was good fun.  There was plenty of alcohol, plenty of good music and plenty of people to have a laugh with.  And Ian's kids are absolutely gorgeous.

To be honest, that's the main things that have happened recently, really.  We went to see Ross Noble the other week, who was awesome.  And I've been to see Russell Howard twice in the past fortnight, which was also awesome.  I'm going to see Take That on Satuday, which is more awesome than both of those things combined!  More awesome than most awesome things combined, really!

Oooh, and I'm gonna be on Something for the Weekend.  Well my photo is.  Yep.

Anywho.... bye.

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Even longer [01 Feb 2009|08:04pm]
[ mood | content ]

I thought I'd left this for long enough last time at 17 weeks, but this time it's apparently been 37.  Yes, like most people, I don't bother with Livejournal anymore.  I stick with Facebook, and my status updates serve their purpose for letting me vent whatever I want to get off my chest, without requiring a fully thought out blog.

Anywho, that's not to say I don't want to keep using this sporadically.  Since I gave up keeping a diary many moons ago, I like the idea of having somewhere to jot things down every now and then.  Of course, I do it so rarely that when I do, I can't think of what's happened since my last entry and can't think of what to write.  And generally, enough things have happened that to do a full entry would take way more time and effort than I could be bothered with.

Well, in my last post I believe I'd just heard about my new job.  Well, eight months later, I've more than started it.  In fact, it's finishing in the next few weeks.  It's been really good, I've enjoyed working as a test analyst, and it's definitely something I'd like to continue.  I need to speak to the project manager and see if there is likely to be further testers needed for the second phase of the project (for aspects of the project that will be introduced after the initial go live). Otherwise, I need to start looking for another job soon, because come April, I'll be out of a job!  It is a secondment, so they do have to put me somewhere afterwards, but they can technically just send me back to Safe Receipt, which definitely isn't something I'm considering!

Last August, Siannie, Michael and I went to V Festival, which was, erm, an experience.  No, it was good fun, but the rain and mud was just too much.  It was so bad it was just miserable.  We were all very happy to get home on the following Monday.  But we saw some amazing bands and artists.  The Chemical Brothers were awesome (though we nearly slept through them after going back to the tent to avoid Wino), as was Alanis Morrisette and Girls Aloud, and we finally got to see The Prodigy, who were bloody incredible.

Last August was also mine and Michael's first anniversary.  We went to Blackpool and then the Lakes for the weekend, which was nice.  We're going to Stratford-Upon-Avon for Valentine's Day.  I've not had a day off work (aside from Christmas and a couple of sick days) since October, so I can't wait for the break! 

Another big thing that's happened since last time was my sister splitting up with her partner of many many years.  This may not seem like much of a big thing, but it caused a lot of hassle for everyone involved (everyone involved being pretty much anyone who knows either of them).  But many many court cases later, and the prospect of a name change for my nephew, things are starting to look up.  She got a court order to sell her house, and he's been told that even if he applied for access to Jack (which he hasn't done so far), it would be likely to be at least another year before he was allowed to see him again.  I never thought I'd ever have a restraining order against someone though!

Me and Siannie went to see Flashdance yesterday, which was bloody awesome.  I love musicals.  We got autographs afterwards as well, from Bernie Nolan, Noel Sullivan (the one from Hear'say who doesn't look like Shrek) and Bruno Langley (the gay one in Corrie).

Anyway, aside from all that, everything's pretty much as normal.  Lots of cinema trips (go see Seven Pounds, don't bother with The Spirit), spending lots of time with the kids, plenty of vodka/cider/wine.  So yeah, generally pretty happy with the way things are going.

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Yaaay! [12 May 2008|06:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I've got a new job! =D

In work for the last few months, I've been helping to test a new computer system for our department, not a major one, just something to work alongside the main system all of Argos Financial Services uses, just to make things a bit easier for our department.  Off the back of that, I was told about a secondment that was posted on the intranet looking for people to test the proper new system they're bringing in next year.  They're replacing the current system completely, so this is something that all of FS are going to be using (including Fraud, Card Services, Collections etc), and before they introduce it, they need to test it all.  It would mean doing basically the same kinda stuff I've been doing anyway for the last five months (without any extra pay, like), so I applied for it, and had my interview two weeks ago.  So today, when I still hadn't heard anything, the head of FS (who had put a recommendation in for me) went to chase it up for me, and found out I've got it!

There has been a problem, and the start date has been delayed from that start of June to mid-June, and I think that's why there's been a bit of a delay in letting me know.  HR knew apparently, just hadn't bothered telling me!

It's Monday-Friday, which is good, except it means I won't get my Thursdays off with Michael =(  It's been nice having the same days off, means I can stay over at his more, plus we can do stuff in the week when places are a bit less busy.  But still, I definitely won't miss 8am starts on a Saturday!

Anyway, that was my bit of excitement for today.  As usual, not much else happens with me, really.  Me and Michael pretty much just stay in most of the time.  Cinema most Wednesdays for Orange Wednesdays (everyone should go see In Bruges!).  We do go on little trips out and stuff on our days off though.  Were in Chester on Thursday, took the kids to Gulliver's World on Sunday, we're all going the Sandcastle in Blackpool soon!  We went to the Splash World place (or whatever it was called) in Southport, took the kids to see the Gormley statues (been meaning to go for years, and we finally went), Walton Gardens for a wander another time.  All very wholesome, innocent fun.  Haha.  And I've not even had any piercings in aaages!  There was a time when every few weeks I'd be writing on here about some new bit of metal I'd picked up along the way, but now there's been nothing since I had my tongue pierced in September.  And we've missed Pendulum twice since October, too.  First it was by choice; we were going to go instead of going to my auntie's birthday party, but I had a big gay moment of sentimentality and changed my mind, so we went to the party instead (prompting a very quick dash into town to try and throw together some kind of costume for me and Michael), and then we got mixed up and missed them last week too, which was very annoying. 

Oooh, but we are going V!  Me and Sianne decided we were sick of people always being away at the festivals for our birthdays, so we're beating them to it!  I've got my tent already.  It's cow print and awesome!  I seriously can't wait!

Anyway, that's enough blathering for now.  Suppose it'll be another 6 months or whatever till I next write on here.  I'll try harder, really.

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I know, I suck [24 Feb 2008|02:19am]
[ mood | drunk ]

I never remember to post on here.  When I do think to, I always think "it's been ages, there'll be loads to post, I'll do it another time when I have more time", and then by the time I next think about it, there's even more stuff.  Not that that much happens to me, like.

I go to work, I go the gym, we get drunk and I sit off with Michael doing fuck all.

Still, I'm happy =)

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Hmm... [25 Sep 2007|02:51am]
[ mood | strange ]

I've got a strange feeling in my stomach.  Not sure what it is.  Something doesn't feel quite right.  Not like sick, just like...  I don't know.  It's hard to describe.  I'm happier right now than I have been in a long time, so not sure what it is.  And I keep thinking of things I need to do, then forgetting what by the time I go to do them, as in, within a minute or so.  Don't think that's helping.  Maybe I just need a cuddle?

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All change [11 Sep 2007|06:37pm]
My mum and dad went away today, so I'm in the house on my own and pretty bored, so though "why not update".

I've finally braved the motorways now!  Only took me five months.  Haha.  My sister took me out to Warrington a few weeks ago as a little practice, coz I didn't want to go with my dad.  He's bad enough to drive with on normal roads, so didn't want him taking me on the motorway.  It all went fine.  I've got a couple of weeks off work, and wanted to go visit places and my mum said I could take the car if I'd been on motorways a bit more.  Then a couple of weeks ago, me and my sisters were planning on going off to Blackpool for the day coz David Tennant was turning the lights on.  One of my sisters drove ahead with the kids, I followed with Siannie, so I wasn't making my first big drive on my own, and my other sister went behind with her friend, in case I somehow got lost.  The main reason for me going separately was coz my sisters wanted to leave early to get the kids to bed on time, but gave me a chance to drive properly.  And it was cool, was a bit scary getting on to the motorway at the start, but went ok.

And Blackpool was awesome!  Went Pleasure Beach first and got to go on a few rides.  But the Big One was closed.  Shame.  And I got out of going on the Playstation coz someone had to stay with the kids.  Yeah, I'm a wuss.  I'm told I'm going on it when I go again next week.  Both of them, apparently.  My sisters got off at about 4, so me and Siannie wandered round the park for a bit, went through the best maze ever (it comes out into a pub!), then we walked up to where the lights were being turned on.  And it was a lil bit busy.  We didn't even get in the gates.  Was still good though.  Stood at the back watching on the screens and awwing at the millions of lickle kids.  So much cute!  And Siannie got chatted up by a random boy.  Which was fun.  Hehe.  Had to drive home afterwards, but there were millions of people trying to leave when it finished, so we wasted a bit of time before.  And then got stuck in a traffic jam on the M6, so it took twice as long to get home than it should have.  But still, we got home safe, despite getting slightly lost.  Sat Nav can be confusing.

Then this weekend I had my second time out, this time without following anyone.  Jamie's band were doing a big gig thing in Nottingham, so me and Michael drove there for it.  It was a good night, even though we had to get up first thing to get back coz I had Charlie's christening to go to.  Though, we left earlier than we needed to, coz we were sleeping in a tent and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever.  So even though we didn't need to leave till 8am, we were on the motorway by 7.

Other ace stuff has been happening too.  Not with the boy I was with when I last posted, but I'm with someone else and he's totally ace.  Hehe.

Gonna stop now, might write more later.
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17 weeks [08 Jul 2007|11:20pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

That's how long it has apparently been since I last wrote in this.  Oops.  Been so long, I don't really know what to write about.

Well I've finished that science course now.  Had my exams last month.  Will find out my results sometime next month (anyone know when the GCSE results are out?  I never did find out).  Hopefully I'll do ok, coz apparently Halton College isn't doing it next year, and this seems to be the only place round here where you can do it.  There was considerable panic when I found out the evening before my second exam that it was chemistry, not physics, but I got through it.

I went to see Rocky Horror again!  And it was bloody amazing, as usual.  I went as Trixie, like I said a while back when I booked the tickets.  Here's a few pics...

Think my mum and her mate were a little bit shocked at me shouting at the stage.  Don't think my mum's friend especially expected it to be so interactive.

So as well as that I've got tickets for a few things coming up.  Me and Holly are going Creamfields in August, which is gonna be well ace.  Anyone else going?  Then in November we're going to see McFly, and we've got backstage passes!  Haha.  We've already got an arrangement sorted over Dougie.  haha.  And in December me and my sisters are going to see Take That again.  Which is gonna be bloody awesome!  But I'm in serious need of a proper gig some time.  I went to see Pendulum with Jenni a month or two ago, and it was bloody awesome, but not a gig.  Think the last gig I went to was Bayside, with Jenni and Mel.  And that was only really because Jenni and Mel wanted to meet Kylie Kross who was working the merch stand.

I've had a few piercings since I last wrote in here.  I had some surface clavicle piercings done.

That was when they were brand new and were obviously still quite red.  Click the picture for one of them more healed.

However, one of them rejected, so I'm lop-sided now =(

But it's all fine, coz I love the look of the scars, and if the other one rejects as well, I think it'll be a wicked combination.

I've also stretched my ears to 2g (6mm).  I've been shouted at for it, certain people don't approve =P  But I like them.  My goal is 00g (10mm).

With my pretty sparkly tunnels I got for the ball.  I still need to get my barbells back in my second holes too, not sure why I've still not put them back in.

And then a couple of months ago I went and had my nostril pierced as well.

That was when it was only a couple of hours old.  It doesn't look it in this pic, but that stud was really tiny and not very noticeable, so when it fell out and I lost it, I used it as an excuse to get a bigger stud.  Like in this next pic.

If you ignore the gayface and the chubby cheeks in that, you may also notice my hair's changed a little bit.  Finally took the plunge and had it all cut off a few weeks ago.  Did it in time for the ball.

Yeah, was in Bangor the other week for the last Summer Ball.  It was so good.  I was a complete wreck.  Hehe.  And I certainly paid for it the next day!  But it was good seeing everyone.  Especially coz it was literally everyone.  Next day Ian came up (along with pictures of Ben, his son, can't believe Ian's got a bloody son!), along with a load of Matt's mates (Stanton and Dobo, and a couple of others I'd not met before, or had only met once) for his 21st Beach Party on the Monday.  His birthday was in the middle of the exams, so he had his party in June.  And it was so good.  Such amazing weather for it.  We had a well good little set up too, right up the beach.  Had a generator and everything, so we could have proper music.  We all had a paddle and then sat around drinking and listening to music and watching poi and stuff, then a few of us stayed up and watched the sun rise.  Such a good end to the Bangor thing, really.  Me and Ian have talked about as many of us as we can get to go going back to Bangor once a year.

I'm still working at Argos.  It's still shit, but it pays.  Also still working at the Crown.  Which doesn't pay as well, but is much better than the Argos.  And it's helping my lovelife.  Things definitely going better there =)

Anyway, I've blathered on plenty now, so I'll just end with a couple more pics

Oh and finally

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Yay, we all get to pay more! [08 Mar 2007|06:27pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm getting sooo pissed off reading all these thing in the paper about how everyone should claim back all their bank charges for the last six years.  It's gonna cost the banks millions, just because people can't look after their own fucking finances.  Once it's all over, people are going to have to pay for banking again.  And that's everyone, not just the greedy twats who are ruining it for everyone.  When you open an account, you sign an agreement that includes all your charges and everything, explains what the reprocussions are for going overdrawn and things are.  But lets face it, we live in a world of scroungers who can't face up to their own responsibilities.  For fucks sake, most of the time, if you go into a bank and explain what has happened, they'll refund your charge anyway.  If you don't have a history of it, then most of the time you'll get a refund.  Christ, even if you have got a history but have a good reason you'll probably get it back too.

I sat in work listen to two people talk about claiming back all their charges for the last six years because they can get back so much money.  If they've fucked up that often, why do they deserve their charges back??  They'd agreed to the charges, so they should bloody pay them!  I told them that in the long run, doing this would cost them more money coz they eventually everyone will have to pay for their banking, but their response was "don't care, I need money now".  Well learn to fucking save then!

Bleh, sorry, this just really pisses me off.

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It's been a while... [05 Feb 2007|05:06pm]
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Thought it was time I actually bothered to write in this thing.  I used to be so good at keeping it up to date, but I guess I got lazy.  So it's been about two months since I properly updated, and I can't be bothered trying to remember everything that's happened, so I guess I'll stick to the basics.

On Wednesday I went to Bangor for a few days, which was ace.  Got there about 4ish, headed the pub (due to a mix up where Matt said he was in Menai, and I read it as The Menai.  Still, any excuse for a piss up!).  Me, Matt, Jamie and Alex went Trash that night, and all got fairly hammered.  We drank cocktails, met a boy called Marilyn and danced to the same random shite they always play in Trash (right down to the last song, nothing's changed).  It was ace!  Afterwards, Matt was told he was banned for six months for trying to sneak his pint out, I demanded one of lecari's housemates got her home safe and then was taught to waltz by a pretty boy outside Late Stop.  We went to Matt's for hotdogs, and finally got home after telling Alex "I wanna go home..." while falling down a kerb.  Classy girly I am.

Side point, I just got firefox (because myspace stopped working on my IE) and it's pissing me off!  It keeps putting a stupid little red line underneathe all the words it says I got wrong.  Fuck off!

Anyway, I woke up on Thursday with a monster hangover.  Not had one of those in quite some time, and I was quite happy with that.  I was supposed to be hiding in Grace's bedroom with the door locked because Dragon Lady was coming round and they didn't want her to see Grace's room, coz the zoo was being stored in there for the occasion.  Of course, my stomach wasn't aware of this, and after lying in bed for about 40minutes trying my best to keep very very still until she left, I couldn't anymore and had to be sick, so became covert ops running to the toilet and then up to Alex's room and then down to Jamie's to wait it out till she finally pissed off.  An hour and a bloody half she was there!  Bleh!  After she left I went and passed out back down in Grace's room for a while until Jamie phoned at 2ish to see if I wanted to go to lunch.  So me, Alex and what we assumed was Alex's friend went down to Varsity to meet Jamie, Craig and Kerrie for something to eat.  After sharing many many stories from our years together and going shopping with her, Kate, the 'friend', left to go home.  At which point Alex turned round and said "you wouldn't think I only met her 20 minutes before we got to the pub, would you?".  Oh Alex...

Thursday night we went to the pub and then headed to the standing stones for poi-ness.  Claire missed teh pretty fiiiire!  The smell of paraffin is pretty much synonymous with uni, for me.  We'd started off at Main Arts doing it, and as soon as we walked up to the building we could smell it.  Made me all happy.  But the Bangor Uni security types came over and whinged that we didn't have permission to play there, so we walked down to the standing stones to carry on.  Stop off at the offy for lots and lots of "cheap lager" later, and a pick up of a guitar, we were all set.  Matt took his tripod down and got some really pretty pictures.  And Sas was there too, who I've not seen in aaages.  Met the new mister too!  He seems nice, which he better bloody be!  Think we stayed there till about 2am, when our fingers started to turn to ice, so we headed back to the house to carry on in the basement (I keep writing "our basement" and things.  it's my house, not Luke's!) for sing-along stuffs and more drinking.  One hammered Jamie later, there's been arguing for about an hour over a little video clip and Jay had threatened to give Luke a Glasgow Kiss.  And I met Derek the Mushroom!

Friday I went shopping as most people seemed to have lectures.  Bought all kinds of random crap (Pendulum CDs, Doctor Who soundtrack and magazine - geek or what?! - Moulin Rouge DVD, other stuff), and then went to KFC with Jamie for lunch, though neither of us ate much; he had a hangover to equal mine from the day before, and I had a hot chocolate from Costa that was so big, the cup came with two handles.  I wanted the cup, but I don't think there's a subtle way to rob something that massive.  That night, Jamie's mate from home, Skiv, was coming up, so we waited for him to get up and then the three of us went down to the Harp to meet Kerrie and Craig.  Cheap as fuck shots in there!  So many minging double vodka and lemonades later, we staggered home to wait for people to arrive at the house, as we had told many people to come round for old-school drinking games.  What we didn't count on was two knobhead girls showing up and pissing us all off.  They were Alex's mates, so we couldn't say anything to them, but they were annoying us all so much.  A few of us (as in, most of us) had to go the shop in the end to escape them.  I seriously wanted to punch them.  They kept on nearly leaving, but then changing their mind and staying longer.  Was cruel to taunt us like that!  Think they got the hint when me, Jamie, Matt, Skiv and Julian sat down in the basement singing "Show Me The Way to Go Home".  Subtle as a brick, us.  Eventually we all headed to bed around 4am-ish.

Saturday I had to come home.  Which sucked.  But I was in work at The Crown at 8, so I didn't have a choice.  Just wish I could stay there with them.  Miss them all loads.  Will hopefully get the pics off Matt soon and get them uploaded.

Anyway, what else have I been up to?  Had a fun night in the Kray last week with Jenni and her mates, which was ace.  Was sitting in the house at about 10pm, figured I was in for the night.  An hour later I was on a train going into Liverpool.  They played Pendulum.  Threeee times!  I danced like a twat and tired myself out, then got my energy back in time for all the emo crap.  Think I'm too old for that place.  All the boys seemed really young and I just couldn't be bothered standing up and dancing that long anymore.  There was fun and games when some idiot barman hid Jenni's friends' coats behind the speakers on K2, but we got to laugh at the other prettier barman trying to fish them out and took pictures.  We gave him £8 to say thankyou though, so he can't moan too much.  Stayed till the end, which I've not done in a while.  I always forget how small, crappy and purple that place is when the lights come up.  Still, after two bottles of high class Fastini, I was suitably wasted, and had had a damn good night.  Think we're going again a week on Saturday, which should be fuuun.

Ooooh, also, Claire's going to see Rocky Horror again!  This time I'm going as Trixie (Usherette), which is gonna be a bit of a change for me.  Just bought my dress off ebay.  Might be a bit small, but incentive to finally get thinner!  I've already got my torch, it's sitting here next to me.  Oh yeah, I'm gonna be teh bestest Trixie evaaar =D

Anyway, just to finish, let's take a look at how cute Charlie is:

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